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fe et ex is an open platform that provides artists the opportunity to display and circulate their work in the form of mini books. The books produced via this platform are available as free downloads.

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The model for the fe et ex project is borrowed from Proboscis, which is a “non-profit social and cultural innovation studio, which explores public authoring, the everyday mapping and sharing of local knowledge and experience.”


fe et ex library:


paula roush

Four reenactments in disruptive pattern material

The photographs document the reenactment of four performance pieces in a military base in southern europe. Performance for the camera mixes with the performance of everyday routine. Disruptive pattern material (dpm-95) -camouflage as material and collage – is the narrative thread that connects the four acts.

Download a PDF of Four reenactments in disruptive pattern material:


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msdm publica(c)tions


Lara Gonzalez



This book is concerned with making visible how mobility can be lived out at a local level, by a Latin American community, within the urban spaces that is London. It explores issues of identity and migration narratives.

Download a PDF of Market-Place :


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Zoe Michelle


“Everything has beauty. But not everyone can see it.”

These photographs are all portraits of things that once were, but no longer are occupied.

Download a PDF of Forgotten:


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Thomas Valentine

Drifting wood

Drifting wood was photographed on a small stretch of beach named Covehithe, located on the Suffolk coast. With no vehicular access to the beach, combined with coastal erosion and Covehithe’s proximity to a nature reserve, Driftwood and other spoils are washed up onto the beach which then remains unmoved by human hands.

Download a PDF of Driftwood:


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Daniella Fedele

A step into others photos

A step into others photos is an investigation into the personal archives of several families. Using original photos and re- enactment strategies, this book reflects on issues of personal and family narratives as constructed trough photography.

Download a PDF of A step into others photos:


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Henry Whysall


Onde is a French word for a small piece of water – what in English would be called ‘a sound’. Onde also means wave and all the connotations that go with it.

Download a PDF of Onde:


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Henry Whysall

Extract from the shadows museum
The Shadow Museum – April 2012′- is a selection of photographs taken from a much larger series made over a four month period.
“I wanted to find the shadows that an object casts upon its own surface”.
Each photographs is a close up taken with a low tech mobile phone.
In the resulting images, the objects loose their form , the still life image becomes a dissolving landscape.

Download a PDF of Extract from the shadows museum:


Instructions for binding mini-book